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President Kennedy said once "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." There are few ways less noble to serve our country than through the military. The courage and strength that you all exude are qualities which deserve only our highest gratitude. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done.



Jerry Gorski
Post: 2645
State Commander

Jerry Gorski enlisted in the United States Navy and served from January 1964 to January 1968.  Jerry earned his Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal while serving aboard the Destroyer, U.S.S. William M. Wood DD715 during the Dominican Republic Conflict.

He joined Post 6756 Center Line in 2005 and became a Life Member in 2006.  He transferred to Post 6250 Sterling Heights in 2010 and transferred to Post 2645 Southfield in 2015, where he currently lives.

Jerry served as Post Commander at Post 6756 Center Line from 2008 to 2010 and became an All State Post Commander in 2009 and 2010.  He served again as Post Commander at Post 6250 Sterling Heights from 2011 to 2015 and "again" became an All State Post Commander in 2012 and 2013.  Jerry has achieved "All State Post Commander" (4) times with the Veterans of Foreign War.  In 2013, Jerry also became an "All State District 5 Commander".  Jerry has also served as the President of the Macomb County Service Officers Association from 2009 to 2010, Macomb County Council Chaplain from 2009 to 2010, Macomb County Council Commander from 2011 to 2012, District 5 Surgeon from 2009 to 2010, State Surgeon from 2013 to 2014, State Hospital Program Director from 2013 to 2014, State Gold Star Mothers Program Director from 2013 to 2014, and State Junior Vice Commander 2014-2015.  Jerry is currently the State Senior Vice Commander for 2015-2016.
Jerry received his 1st "National Appointment" as "National Aide-de-Camp" to Commander-in-Chief Thomas J. Tradewell, Sr. for 2009-2010 on December 30, 2009.
Jerry received his 2nd "National Appointment" from Commander-in-Chief John Hamilton on March 27, 2013 as a Member of the "National Security and Foreign Affairs Committee" for the 114th National Convention held in Louisville, Kentucky from July 20th to 24th, 2013.
Jerry's education consists of a Master's Degree in General Administration from Central Michigan University, both a Bachelor's and Associate's Degree in Supervision from Purdue University and an Associate's Degree in Liberal Arts from Macomb County Community College.
Jerry is engaged to Mary Ann Desjardins and they both have 9 grown children and 17 grandchildren.    
Matthew David
Post: 423
Sr. Vice Commander
I entered the US Army in July of 1984 as an armor crewman. Was stationed at Fort Polk, LA before being assigned to Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 72nd Armored Regiment , 2nd Infantry Div,  Camp Casey, Korea where I earned my eligibility for the Veterans of Foreign Wars. Upon completion of my enlistment in 1988, I joined the Michigan Army National Guard. I attended Central Michigan University where I joined ROTC and earned a commission as a Second Lieutenant of Armor in the Michigan National Guard. I was assigned to Charlie Company, 1st Battalion, 246th Armored Regiment where I served as a Tank Platoon Leader, ultimately becoming the Company Executive Officer before leaving the military. I joined C. Robert Arvin VFW Post 2408 in March of 2003 and in traditional VFW custom was nominated as post jr. vice commander at my first meeting and subsequently elected the following month. Moving through the chairs, I was nominated and elected post commander in 2004 and lead the post to achieve All State in 2005-2006. In 2007 I transferred to the Graf-O'hara Post 423 in Ann Arbor. In 2006 I was elected as 6th district jr. vice commander. Moving though the chairs, I became the 6th district commander for 2008-2009 where I lead the district to become an All State and All American district. In 2009 I was elected as the 6th district quartermaster and served in that position until 2014. I was appointed as the department Buddy Poppy director for 2007-2008 and was appointed as the MOV Editor and Historian in 2009 and served as editor until 2015.  I was elected as the Big Ten Delegate for 2012-2013, and was appointed as the national aid de camp in 2012-2013 and 2013-2014. I have been married to the love of my life, Ivette, for 8 years. Between us, we have 3 sons ages 22, 17, and 13. I have been employed at Liebherr Gear Technology as the spare parts manager for 20 years.

Phil Patterson
Post: 6695
Jr. Vice Commander
My name is Phil Patterson; I am married and have four beautiful children and a grandson. My wife is Lynn Patterson, daughters Bailey(20), Madelyn(16), Emma(7) my son Luke(2) and a grandson Kaiden(1).

I joined the Michigan Army National Guard in 1987; I served Operation Desert Storm 1990-91 and Operation Iraqi Freedom III in 2004-05 where I served as the Shop Foreman and Platoon Sergeant. In 2008 I was promoted to the rank of Master Sergeant (E-8) and in 2010 I retired at that rank from the 46th Military Police Command where I served as the Maintenance Supervisor.

I am a Life Member of VFW Post 6695 located in Plymouth, Michigan. As a Post Commander, in 2010-2011 my Post achieved Captain of the All-State Team and All-American Post Commander honors and was an National Outstanding Community Service Award Winner 2010 – 2011. I have also had the honor of holding these other positions: Post Adjutant 2011-2012, At the District Level: District Jr. Vice 2010 – 2011, District Commander 2011 – 2012, District Quartermaster 2012 – 2013, District Chief of Staff 2012 – 2013, Department Level: Department Legislative Director 2011-2012 and 2015-2016, Dept. Jr. Vice Commander 2013/Nov 2013, National Level: Served on the Iraq/Afghanistan Committee 2010-2011, Served as Vice Chairman of the Iraq/Afghanistan Committee 2011-2012.

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a hard worker and strive to make myself and those around me better. I always try to put the organization above personal desires by doing what is best for the organization, fully believing in the VFW and its service to Veterans and their Families.

My philosophy has always been one of "team building”.  In doing this it has allowed me to establish strong personal and working relationships with our comrades in all Districts. I make it a point to "listen and learn” from all parties in achieving the VFW goals.

My goal is to encourage as many young Veterans to join our great organization and to take on leadership roles. This is so we as an organization can continue to grow, and have not only the experience of those who preceded us in the chairs, but bring new ideas that can help us prosper in many avenues in the VFW. We need to continue to help those Veterans and families in need.
Lynn Patterson
Post: 6695
State Quartermaster/Adjutant

I enlisted in Army in 1996 until 2009. In 2005 I was deployed to Iraq where I earned my eligibility to the VFW. I joined the VFW in 2009 as a Post Quartermaster until 2014. While Post Quartermaster The Post achieved All-State and All-American. I was the District Quartermaster from 2011- 2012. I held the honorable position as State Quartermaster from 2012- 2013, half 2013-2014. I was re-elected February 2015. On the National level I was appointed as a Vice Chairman of the Women's Veterans Committee 2010- 2011, I continued to serve on the committee until 2013.  I am a Life member of VFW Post 6695 located in Plymouth, Michigan.

I am married and have four beautiful children. My husband Phil Patterson, daughters Bailey(20), Madelyn(16) and Emma(7) and my son Luke(2).

My Philosophy has always been one of team building and to that end I have established strong personal and working relationships with our comrades in all Districts. I enjoying talking with you all and helping you find the answers that you need to run your Post, District and County Councils. Don't ever hesitate to call on me to assist you.



Jennifer L. Smith
Post: 701
State Chaplain
Fellow Comrades:
Welcome to the VFW Dept. of Michigan Website. Most of you already know my bona fides. Really, the only important point to note here is that my goal remains to serve others as I can, offering spiritual assistance, ethical inspiration, and comfort as needed. My Department email address is chaplain@vfwmi.org but please contact me via my private one at jsmith7148@aol.com; I check it often.

We also have a VFW Dept. of MI State Chaplain's Facebook page for members:  https://www.facebook.com/groups/247781718748883/    You will be sent a private message (messages; 'filtered') to ensure you are a VFW Dept. of MI Comrade and/or Aux. member. The page relates to Department Officers and is (hopefully) uplifting for all. 
My brothers and sisters-in-arms, please continue your worthy efforts of selfless service and know your dedication helps maintain our great legacy of patriotism; With positive change coming to each District /County Council/ Post, and/or from person-to-person with each act of giving. Let's make 2016-17 another time that touches lives with care, uplifts the spirits of those in need, and renews our patriotic purpose.  
Blessings and Thanks,
Chaplain Smith+

Jerry Smith
Post: 7581
State Surgeon
United States Marine Corps 1970-1997, Retired Master Sergeant (E-8)

Viet Nam,1972-1974

USS Coral Sea, Libya Raid, 1984-1985

First Gulf War 19891990
USS Guam, Bosnia, Mogadishu, 1990
USS Nassau, Haiti Uprising 1994,Detachment Sergeant Major
Operation, Deny Flight Aviano Italy 1995
Community Awards:
Veteran of the Year, Wayland Michigan
Leadership Award, Wayland, Michigan
Patriotism ward, Wayland Michigan
VFW Experience
Department Hospital Chairman 2008-2011
 District 8 Commander 2011-2012
 Post Commander 2009-2011
Selected 5 Times National Convention, Veterans Services Resolution, Committee Member
Kevin Conklin
Post: 6248
State Judge Advocate

I joined the United States Army Military Police Corp in September of 1993.  I went through basic  and advanced training with the 795th Military Police Co in Ft McClellan, Al.  My first duty station was Ft. Lewis, Washington with I-Corp 170th MP.  I was deployed to the Republic of Panama for 5 1/2 months.  I also deployed to Honduras for 4 months.  Upon returning to Ft Lewis I was assigned to CID where I took part in undercover narcotics operations.  My next duty assignment was in South Korea.  I was assigned to the 2nd Infantry Division at Camp Casey.  My last duty assignment was with the mighty 101st Airborne Division. 

I joined the VFW Post 6248 as a Life Member in Sept 1993.  I have gone through many chairs at the post level to Sr Vice Commander.  I was elected District 7 Commander 2011-2012 and 2015-2016.  I was appointed National Aide De-Camp 2010-2011.  I was also received an appointment to the 2015-2016 National By-Laws and Resolutions Committee.
I have been employed by the Michigan State Police since 1995.  I am currently assigned to the Fifth District Headquarters Fugitive Team.  I cover all of southwest Michigan.   
I have an Associate Degree in Criminal Justice from Kalamazoo Valley Community College.  I also obtained a Bachelor's Degree in Public Safety from Siena Heights University. 
My family includes, Makrina (wife), two daughters (Brianna 16yrs and Amanda 14yrs) two step sons (Cameron 27yrs and Jordan 24yrs). 
Let's have a great year and work together as a team to continue to the traditions of the Veterans of Foreign Wars.    



Roger Fater
Post: 9363
District 4 Commander
I enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1983,my basic training and AIT were both at Ft. Knox Ky.My MOS was 63 Y, Track Vehicle Mechanic. I was then sent to Frankfurt Germany for assignment to permanent party in the Berlin Brigade, being assigned to the 6th Battalion 3rd Infantry. In 1984 the Army went regimental and we were assigned to the 502nd Infantry 5th Battalion.Upon my PCS I was sent to Ft. Hood Texas and assigned to the 17th Engineer Battalion. (John Henry). In 1986 I finished my tour with the military.
I joined Miller/Strawn Post 9363 in Flat Rock March 3 1986, and in 1987 became a life Member.
I have held the position of commander 4 times achieving All State Post Commander in 1990. I have held every elected postition in our post, and also held every appointed chairmanship position.
I have been married to my wife Karen for 28 years,and have three children, Kasie, Rodney, and Tayler and 2 grandchildren,Devon. and Jaxon, with one due in July this year. It is my utmost pleasure to represent district 4 VFW as the commander.
We have our third grandchild, a girl born August 1st 8 lbs 6 oz  Dorothy Rae Fater

District meetings:
September 18th Gibraltar Post 4230 @ 12:00
November 6th Bova Engineers Post 9885 @ 12:00
February 5th  2017 Lyskawa/Tutro Post 7546 @ 12;00
May 6th 2017 Redford Post 345 @ 12:00

District 4 Fundraiser for District Commander 8-Oct-2016 Flat Rock Post 9363  2:00- till ??
                                              Proceeds go to District 
District 4 Joint Memorial 30-Oct-2016 Wyandotte Post 1136  2:00pm


Dave Tester
Post: 1794
District 5 Commander
The following are important dates :
All reports are due by the 10th of every month to the appropriate directors,
All audits are due by the 30th of every quarter to Department.

APRIL 29th
Post 4659
Only 100 tickets for the 5th District Fund Rasier 

District 5 meeting/ Convention, Fraser post 6691.
April 30, 2017
10:00am - lunch - 1:00pm

Macomb County Council
Post 2052
7:30 pm
April 4, 2017

Macomb County Council
Post 6802
7:30 pm
May 2, 2017

Oakland County Council
Post 2269
7:30 PM
April 10, 2017

Oakland County Council
Post 2645
7:30 PM
May 8, 2017

Service Officers Association  Meeting
Post 9021
7:30 PM

April 24, 2017
May 22,  2017

John Griffith
Post: 4093
District 6 Commander

COMMUNICATION Being the most important aspect to a successful year below you will find contact telephone numbers for District Officers. Post Officers are encouraged to communicate with your District Officers so we never hear the excuse "I DID NOT KNOW

While the use of the Chain of Command is encouraged, any member is welcome to contact the Commander with suggestions, problems or concerns involving the District

 Commander:  John Griffith (Home) 734-654-1883 (Office) 654-9334 (Cell) 734-735-2175

Senior Vice Commander:  Danny Burchfield (Home) 734-755-1808

Junior Vice Commander:  William Lietaert Sr. (Home) 734-244-5037

Quartermaster: Dave Miller (Home) 419-491-1502


All reports are due by the 10th of every month to the appropriate directors,
All audits are due by the 30th of every quarter to Department.

 DISTRICT 6 MEETINGApril 29, 2017 Monroe Post 1138, Monroe, MI


6thDistrict Auxiliary President Dawn Shock and the Commander have decided that rather than have a "testimonial” in the traditional sense, we would rather host a District Picnic where all of the Auxiliary Presidents and Post Commanders can invite their members and families to celebrate.  After all it is the Post Commanders, Auxiliary Presidents and their members who have met the challenges and made for a successful year.  We want you to bring as many members as possible from your individual Post and Auxiliaries to Celebrate the 6th District.  For many it will be a first time experience to meet fellow members and make new friends from other post and auxiliaries within the 6th District. 

Arrangements have been made to hold the "Testimonial" Picnic at Kensington Metropark on May 20th (A most appropriate day since it is Armed Forces Day).  Kensington Metro Park is most central to the District.   We will start at 1:00 PM.  We have reserved the Playfield Center Pavilion "Y".  This location has a covered shelter, flush toilets, and is handicap accessible.  As the name indicates there is a play scape near by so bring the kids, and grandkids.  Also, lake access is available for anyone who wants to throw a line in the water and do a little fishing (DNR Rules apply).  There is a nearby hiking trail for those so inclined.  The District Commander is supplying beer and soft drinks while The District President is providing the hamburgers and hot dogs.  We request that each family bring a dish to share and your own utensils.  Also you should bring lawn chairs.  

Kensington Metropark is located at 4570 Huron River Drive, Milford, MI 48380.  From I-96 you may enter the park from Exit 151 or 153.  Entrance to the park cost $10.00 unless you have an annual Metropark Pass.  

Don't forget the sun screen, and sun glasses. 

Mark your calendars and rally the members....there maybe a prize for the Post and Auxiliary who shows up with the most members. 

Uniform of the day: Shorts and T-Shirts  Orders of the Day:  Have Fun!

 GOALS FOR THE YEAR!  In an effort to promote the Veterans of Foreign Wars it is necessary that we get involved in our communities, and make our noble organization and its purpose known to the public.  This is best done through working with our auxiliaries and promoting our programs such as the Voice of Democracy, Patriot’s Pen, Teacher of the Year, and Scouts of the Year. It is encouraged that each post get involved in a high school in your community – do the flag ceremony at home football or basketball games, march in their homecoming parades.  Do whatever it takes to make a positive impact and visibility in the community.  In the 6th District our theme for the year is: GET EXCITED & DO WHAT HAS TO BE DONE!  When our fellow veterans see our involvement in the community – they will want to join us in our efforts and our membership will grow. 


 John Griffith was born in St. Louis, Missouri and raised in Southern California where 1968 he enlisted in the US Army.  After completion Military Police School at Ft. Gordon, GA, he was trained as a MP Sentry Dog Handler in Okinawa while on his way to Viet Nam.  John served in Phan Rang RVN from Jan 4, 1969 to Jan 4, 1970. In 1971 he became a Special Agent of the US Army Criminal Investigation Command traditionally known as "CID”.  In 1972 he was appointed a Warrant Officer and served two tours of duty in the Federal Republic of Germany separated by alternate assignments to Ft. Campbell, Kentucky and Ft. Leonard Wood, Missouri. After completion of a AA Degree from the University of Maryland and a BA Degree from Columbia College, MO, he left active service and after a short stint as a Special Agent with the Office of Inspector General, US Department of Health and Human Services in 1984 he became a Special Agent with the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF), and remained a member of the US Army Reserves.  In August 2001 John retired from the US Army Reserves as Chief Warrant Officer-Five. John’s eldest son is retired from the Colorado National Guard and is a life member of MI Post 4093. John’s eldest daughter served in the US Army.  He is married to the former Kristine Pypno, a former Army Military Police Officer, and also a retired Special Agent with ATF. Kris is Past President of the Auxiliary to Carleton Post 4093 and is currently the Jr. Vice President for the 6thDistrict Auxiliary.  In 1990 John originally joined Kozdron Post 4553 when Past State Commander VanHauter and Al Boreo (then Commander) talked him into joining a bowling league, and then informed him it was a VFW league and he would be required to join the post.  John later transferred to Carleton Post 4093 where he is a Life Member and Past All-State Commander.  John has also served as Post Quartermaster and Adjutant and continues to serve as the Charter Organization Representative to Boy Scout Troop 566 and Cub Scout Pack 522. 


Tim VanWormer
Post: 565
District 7 COMMANDER

        I enlisted in the Army in December 1965.  I took basic training in Fort Knox, and AIT at Aberdeen Proving Grounds, Maryland.  I was a Wheel & Track mechanic (63H20).  I went to Germany for a few months, when I decided to go where I thought I could do my country better support.  I volunteered to go to Vietnam.  I was stationed in CuChi, Vietnam with the 25th Infantry Division, Hq & A Co. 725th Maintenance company. I spent 22 months in country.  I reached the rank of SP/5  E5.                                                                                                                                                   I have been Post Commander several times, and I have held all other offices during my membership.  I joined in 1967, and became a Life Member in 1977.

       I am looking forward to working with you comrades to make this a well recognized, and outstanding District.                                                                                                                                      I want to take this time to "Thank You" in Advance for your patience and support.

       Congratulations to Post 4952 Berrien Springs, Post 6803 Watervliet, Post 5319 Athens, 667 South Haven, 10704 Cassopolis, and Post 2532 PawPaw  for obtaining  100% in membership.  We have several Posts that are close reaching their goal.  Keep the drive going, were almost there.

        Membership needs a little harder push to get over the 100% mark.  We can do it if we work at it.  Let's make contact with those that have not paid their dues yet.  Don't let them get away.   District 7 slipped into 2nd Place behind District 6.

    Comrade Commander, and Quartermasters of each Post, should run a query of post members to see who  the annual members are.  The due dates are different with each member.  This is causing a problem with members that hold an elected Office in the Post.  If their dues have expired while they are in Office, they will be terminated by National as per Sec 215 of the Manual of Procedure.  An election will have to be held, and that Officer will be replaced.  Let's check the due dates of your annual members before this happens to your Post. 

    Info from the District meeting May 7th.    Please mark your calendar of upcoming events.              Dept. Convention June 1-4th, in Flint. Post Quartermasters make sure your Dept. dues are paid, so we can vote.   June 23 & 24th VTS at Camp Trotter.  Camp space is Free Friday night.  All Commanders and Quartermasters are urged to attend.

Next District meetings are:    August 5th, Post 9411 Homer,

                                                November 4th, Post 4073 Marshall,

                                                February 3rd, 2018  Post 2284 Edwardsburg,

                                                 May 5th, 2018  Post 4054  Marcellus.


CONGRATULATIONS to all the New Elected Post Commanders in the District. 


MICHIGAN DAYS     at  NATIONAL HOME on August 6th.  Bring your Colors.                                                



Yours in Comradeship,

Tim VanWormer




Steven Eernisse
Post: 7581
Air Force
District 8 Commander

District 8 Planning meeting:

               June 18 10AM-Noon

               Wayland VFW Post 7581


District 8 meetings 2016-2017

                6 August 2016

                Rockford VFW Post 3946

               Am. Legion #2 401 North Park Street NE   Grand Rapids, MI 49525


             5 November 2016
             Coopersville VFW Post 5598
             511 N. 68th Avenue
             Coopersville, MI 49404
            4 February 2017
            Charlotte VFW Post 2406
            695 Lansing Street
            Charlotte, MI 49002
Shane Houghton
Post: 12082
District 9 Commander
      All reports are due by the 10th of every month to the appropriate directors, 
       All audits are due by the 30th of every quarter to Department.

     Sept. 30th- Oct 2nd Fall Conference
Boyne Highlands 
     Oct. 21-22 2016 Radisson in  Kalamazoo Big 10 Conference
      12-Nov Saginaw 2nd district meeting 10:00am
9809 School of instruction ?
Jan 7th  Durand   VOD/PP 
Jan 27-28 Mid Winter conference        Lansing
Feb 4th 3055 St Louis 3nd district meeting 10:00am
  School of instruction ?
Feb 27-Mar 2 VOD/Legislative 
Washington DC
April 22 April Joint Testimonial Banquet
May  6th 5065 Sheridan  4nd district meeting 10:00am
School of instruction ?



Michael Lawson
Post: 3901
District 10 Commander

Please note the important dates:


Fall Conference
September 28, 2016 thru October 2, 2016

Reservation forms here:  http://vfwmi.org/uploads/Fall%20Conference%20Housing%20form.pdf

Big Ten Conference 

 October 21 – 23, 2016

Radisson Plaza Hotel

100 Michigan Ave., Kalamazoo, MI  49007

More information can be found here:



At the recent 117th VFW National Convention held in Charlotte, North Carolina that ended on Wednesday, July 28, 2016, the By-Law change submitted by the Department of Michigan (B10) never made it out of the By-Law Committee.  The By-Law Change (B-11) was approved by the National By-Law Committee and then the Majority of the Delegates present on the Convention Floor approved it.  Therefore, the Men's Auxiliary will cease to exist on December 31, 2016.  Please contact your Men's Auxiliary Units in your Posts and make them aware of this.

William Paine
Post: 3033
District 11 Commander

District Meeting:

February 5th at Clare VFW Post # 5738, Clare

May 7th - Midland VFW Post

District Events:

Post Events:

Have an event you would like posted here please email the details to district11@vfwmi.org

Robert Benderman
Post: 3195
District 12 Commander
Army 1968-1970 Vietnam.  Army reserves 1972-1973.
worked in tool and die, engineering,
attained a real estate license
Owned our own business for 14 yrs. dealing with the mortgage Industry
Retired in 2010. we have two  boys.
Director/Chairman VFW Camp Trotter
treasurer of the Greater Muskegon Memorial Day Committee
District meetings
Sept. 11, 2016 Eugene Kimbel  Post 7806, Manton MI.
603 State St. Manton, MI. 49663
POW/MIA ceremony at 11 am
lunch, meeting at 1pm. Museum will be open for tours.
November 6th, 2016 at Reed City Post 2964, 129 E. Osceola, Reed City, MI. 49677
Lunch 11:30 meeting at 1pm.
April 9th, 2017 Newaygo Sportsman Post 4249, 45 W Gene Furgason  Ln., Newaygo, MI. 49337
Lunch 11:30am meeting at 1pm
May 7th, 2017 lt. Wilbur L Boyer Post 3195, 5209 Grand Haven Rd., Norton Shores, 49441
11 AM Memorial service, Lunch 11:30 and meeting at 1pm
Elections of new officers and installation of officers to follow.
Camp Trotter Golf outing Friday June 23rd,  go to Camp Trotter Dept. web site for
applications and hole sponsors. PLEASE CONTRIBUTE prizes for drawings. please
all post and auxiliary's contribute prizes and sponsor a hole. your generous gifts and sponsorships
are what makes our camp great.
VTS training will be on Saturday June 24, please check Dept. schedule for times. This will be at Camp Trotter.
Gordon Russell
Post: 6985
District 13 Commander

Before joining the U.S. Army in Nov. 1967, I attended Lake Superior State College in Sault Marie Mi. which later became Lake Superior State University.  When enlisting I qualified for Warrant Officer Flight Training.  After training I was sent to Vietnam, for twelve months Serving as a U.S. Army Helicopter Pilot.  I joined the VFW in October 2006. 

It has come through the channels that all local VFW Posts should review their own Post Bylaws and revise as needed.  The big change is there are no longer separate a auxiliary for men and woman. 

The next VFW District 13 meeting will be in Petoskey, Michigan, at Post 2051. The meeting will be on May 6, 1017 at 10:00 A.M.

The Annual VFW State Convention will be in Flint, Michigan, at Holliday Inn Gateway Center. If you plan to be at the convention, you should register before May 15, 2017. The dates are May 31 to June 4, 2917.

Post 607, Rogers City, has volunteered  to host the District Meeting in the fall of 2017. 

Stephen R. Olsen
Post: 3165
District 14 Commander
Proud Yooper
2 tours in Vietnam at 12th EVAC Hospital and 3rd Field Hospital 
Married LINDA  44 yrs ago, she was my pen-pal during the war. Two children DEREK served with the Marines in Rawanda/Somalia, firefighter in Grand Rapids. Dani is MSU/WAYNE STATE grad. works at Plymouth/Canton, school counsilor. Both VFW members.

Our Meeting for next year 2016/2017:  Please Mark your Calendars-

*August 07, 2016   1 pm at Ste. Saint Marie Post

*November 06, 2016   1 pm at  Ishpeming Post

*February 05, 2017   1 pm at Negaunee Post

*May 6-7, 2017, Banquet May 6 and Meeting May 7th at 10 am at Ishpeming Post


Notice:  Meeting change on Nov. 6  to Ishpeming Post
John Ruditis
Post: 3673
District 15 Commander


District 15 meetings  for this Year
Sept 11  at VFW Post in Chassell
Feb 12  at VFW Post in Chrystall Falls
April 29 and 30 at VFW Post in Bessemer

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