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President Kennedy said once "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country." There are few ways less noble to serve our country than through the military. The courage and strength that you all exude are qualities which deserve only our highest gratitude. I cannot thank you enough for what you have done.


Voice of Democracy


2016-2017 Voice of Democracy Program

All information pertaining to the theme, judging, eligibility, awards and other aspects of this program are contained in the Veterans of Foreign Wars program booklet for the  Annual Voice of Democracy Scholarship Program.  District Chairmen are responsible to ensure that their District programs are conducted within these rules and deadlines.  District Chairmen are solely responsible for the conduct of the program within their Districts.  Make sure that you distribute copies of your program to all Posts in your District in sufficient time to ensure a successful competition. 




The Voice of Democracy Program is a joint program with the VFW Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Michigan. The Auxiliary does not need the permission of a Post to participate in the Voice of Democracy Program.  Post and District Chairmen are expected to include their VFW Auxiliary counterparts in all activities concerning the conduct of local and District programs. Coordination of the District program is the sole responsibility of each District Chairman.  Post Chairmen must refer to their District program for their District program requirements and deadline dates. 




THEME:  "My Responsibility To America”




Eligibility:  Ninth (9th), Tenth (10th), Eleventh (11th) and Twelfth (12th) grade students in public, private, parochial and home schools in the State of Michigan. Former first place winners at the State and National level competition or any foreign exchange student are not eligible.  Students do not have to be a relative of a member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars or its VFW Auxiliary to participate. 




Recording:  Recorded scripts must not be less than THREE (3) minutes nor longer than FIVE (5) minutes.  A five (5) second variation is acceptable to compensate for the possible deviation in equipment.  Scripts MUST be recorded on full size standard FLASH DRIVE OR CD ONLY.  Record all on CD’s or a Flash Drive on a single track.  Scripts must be recorded without music or background voice.  Students must not use their names, the name or location of the sponsoring VFW unit, or the name or location of their school.  Recordings must not include any introduction of the script.  The only voice on the recording must be that of the student’s.  Special consideration may be given for students that are speech challenged upon written request through District to Department.  Scripts should be recorded using the best possible equipment available.  Post and District Chairmen are responsible for the content and quality of the entry. Every effort should be made to submit the best quality entry possible.




          Cassette Tapes are no longer accepted by State or National


School Release Form 2016- 2017.pdf 

            Student Bio 2016-2017.pdf

            Student Entry Form 2017


Make certain your CD or Flash Drive Plays on another piece of play back equipment other than on the one it was recorded.




Entries:                                                           Posts




To receive credit for participation in the Voice of Democracy Scholarship Competition, a Post MUST SPONSOR THE PROGRAM IN THEIR COMMUNITY.  While it is important to offer the Voice of Democracy Scholarship Program in our schools, it is not solely a program for the schools.  You may offer the competition to any ninth, tenth, eleventh or twelfth grade student. Foreign exchange students are not eligible.  All entries MUST be submitted directly to the Post.  They may be sponsored through local schools, Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Church youth groups, Junior ROTC programs, the home schooled, etc.  The Post is encouraged to solicit participants from as many sources as possible. 




The Post will hold their own judging and may submit to District the number of students permitted by the following breakdown. 


1-15 student participants =   1 top Post entry      is allowed to advance to District


16-30 student participants = 2 top Post entries are allowed to advance to District


31-45 student participants = 3 top Post entries are allowed to advance to District


46-60 student participants = 4 top Post entries are allowed to advance to District


61-75 student participants = 5 top Post entries are allowed to advance to District






Posts may advance as many winners as they select based on the total number of students participating.  Post judging is the responsibility of the Post Chairman and must be conducted in accordance with the National Judging Criteria. 




The Post may forward each 1st place winning entry to District.  Each student entry submitted by a Post to District must be an equal 1st place winner.  This means each Post student entry sent to District must receive the same award. For example, a Post has 55 student entries and is eligible to send four entries to District for judging.  These four entries must each receive an equal first place award from the Post.  If the Post lists them as 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th place, then they can only send in one entry as the 1st place winner. 








Single Winner School Option.  A teacher working in cooperation with a Post can elect to hold a competition in the school, judge the participants and advance one student entry selected as the school first place winner.  The one declared school winner will advance to District as the "School Winner” from each participating school sponsored by the Post.










Each District shall be responsible for the conduct of the program and judging of entries within their District. District Chairmen are expected to promote the expansion of the program by encouraging the participation of additional Posts.  It is not always possible to restrict sponsorship strictly along VFW District Boundaries.  Posts may solicit student participation from any geographical area within the State of Michigan as long as they do not interfere with the sponsorship of other Posts. District Chairmen are expected to assist Posts in the coordination of sponsorship of all schools in their District. It is unacceptable that a school is not contacted. 




Each District may submit only one entry to the Department for judging.  This entry must be certified on the proper National Entry Form by the District Chairman to be the District First Place Winner of the District Program judging. 




The following items MUST accompany the District entry to Department for judging. 




A)        One student script taped in accordance with the above rules.


B)        One completed student entry form from the National Program booklet.


C)        One good quality picture, preferably wallet sized.


D)        One typed copy of the student’s speech.


E)        One signed student release form provided by Department.


F)         One Student Biographical Questionnaire.




It is the responsibility of the District Chairman to ensure that all materials are included.  Any entry that does not include all materials may not be judged.




Reporting:  To obtain program credit the Post Chairman portion of the Student Entry Form must be completed and submitted to District with each Post entry.  The form must include the number of students participating from the school and the approximate cost for the program and awards for that school.  Proper credit cannot be given without this information.  District Chairmen are required to prepare and submit a consolidated report of Post participation within their District using the District Report Form and the District Summary Form. These reports should accompany the District entry to Department. 






Deadlines:  Deadline for Post sponsored program entries is November 1, 2016.  Post judging may not be held before November 2, 2016 and must be completed in time to ensure that winning entries are delivered to the District Chairmen by November 15, 2016. 






District judging may not be held before November 16, 2016 and must be completed in time to ensure that the winning entry with all required materials are in the hands of the Department Chairman by December 7, 2016.  District judging is the responsibility of the District Chairman to be conducted in accordance with the National Judging Criteria. 




The Department deadline for District entries is December 7, 2016.  This deadline is ABSOLUTE and it includes all paper work.  Department judging will be closed and will be the responsibility of the Department Committee. Be advised that the state judging will be attended only by the VFW Department Committee Members, VFW State Ladies Auxiliary Committee Members and the State Judges. The Committee has the sole authority to disqualify from the Department judging any entry which is in violation of the rules as stated in the Department Program and the National Program booklet. 








All Post and District awards are the responsibility of those organizations.




Department Awards will be as follows:




First Place:     $6,000.00 Ralph J. Seabold scholarship, plaque, all expense paid trip to      Washington D.C. and all expense paid trip to the Freedom Foundation at Valley Forge Pennsylvania.  Awarded by the Veterans of Foreign Wars, Department of Michigan. 




Second Place: $3,500.00 VFW Auxiliary Scholarship and plaque. Awarded by the VFW Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Michigan.




Third Place:   $2,500.00 Hazel Park VFW Scholarship and plaque. Presented by the 5th District Commander of the Veteran of Foreign Wars of Michigan.




Fourth Place: $1500.00 Past Commander-in-Chief James N. Goldsmith Scholarship and plaque. Awarded by Barbara Applebee .






Fifth thru twelfth places are awarded $1000.00 scholarships. The selection of these


scholarships are randomly selected from the donors listed below and do not necessarily indicate the students finish :




                        $1,000.00 VFW Auxiliary Scholarship and plaque. Awarded by the VFW Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Michigan.




                        $1,000.00 Newberry Post Scholarship and plaque. Awarded by the Newberry VFW Post and presented by the 14thDistrict Commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of Michigan.




                        $1,000.00 Orvel J. Walter Memorial Scholarship and plaqueAwarded by the family of Orvel Walter.






                       $1,000.00        Past Commanders Club Scholarshipand plaque.  Awarded by the Past Commanders Club, Veterans of Foreign Wars of Michigan.




                        $500.00 Dick & Vi Thorpe Memorial Scholarship and $500.00 VFW Post 4644 Scholarship and plaque. Awarded by VFW Post & VFW Auxiliary 822 and VFW Post 4644




                       $400.00 John & Shirley Sweebe Memorial Scholarship, $400.00 Donald Mrdjenovic Scholarship and $200.00 Rob and Marcia Weiss Scholarship and plaque. Award by Department of Michigan VFW Post 3033, Donald Mrdjenovic and Rob and  Marcia Weiss, VFW Members of the VFW and VFW Auxiliary from Michigan.




$1,000.00  Scholarship and plaque.  Open




                       $1,000.00  Scholarship and plaque.  Open






The Department of Michigan Voice of Democracy Traveling Trophy will be awarded to the Post of the 1stplace winner to display for one year. The trophy will be returned to the Department Chairman not later than December 7 each year to be awarded to the Post of the next year’s State winner.




Department awards will be presented at the 2017 Department of Michigan Mid-Winter Conference.  All District winners are expected to be present.  Each District must assume the cost of their winner’s transportation, meals and lodging.  Department will provide each District winner one banquet ticket.  Banquet tickets for family members and other guests are the sole responsibility of the District in cooperation with the sponsoring Post. 


 Bio Form to be used for BOTH Voice of Democracy and Patriots Pen:






Harry "Les” Croyle, Director          James M. Galen, Assistant Director


30086 Trailwood Drive                     76200 North Ave.


Warren, Michigan 48092                  Armada, Michigan


586-747-2104                                      586-784-9914


hlcroyle@yahoo.com                         jmgalen@sbcglobal.net




Heather Shepherd VFW Auxiliary Chairman


845 Brookdale          


Mason, Mi. 48854





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