2024-2025 Hospital and Wellness Program


The Purpose and Goals of the Hospital and Wellness Program

The purpose of the Hospital and Wellness Program is to promote VFW member engagement with hospitalized and homebound veterans and to promote Post and community based programs that provide transportation assistance and other direct services to that community of veterans.


The VFW Hospital program promotes volunteerism and involvement in local hospitals, veterans’ homes, nursing homes, domiciliary and both VA and non-VA medical centers and clinics.


Within the Veteran community, concern for the wellbeing of others is inherent. We use this program to record our members’ activities regarding the care and concern for the wellbeing of other Veterans and their families. We also use it to highlight to Congress that we are fulfilling the mission that we were chartered for and to maintain our non-profit status.


Reminder for Post Commanders

Pursuant to Section 218, Part i of the National By-Laws Manual of Procedure:


Among the duties of a Post Commander, the Commander shall: "Assure that all reports are correctly prepared and promptly forwarded…”


The above doesn’t mean that the Commander must submit the report themselves, the Commander just must ensure that there is Hospital Activity Chairperson who will do it every month. If your Post is struggling with appointing or training a Hospital Chairperson, please contact me, and we can develop a path forward. 


Director, Benjamin Light

196 Vreeland

Rochester Hills,  MI  48309