The VFW Michigan Pool League began with a friendly challenge to a game of pool in 1968. In their minds, this would determine once and for all, which VFW Michigan District could claim bragging rights. Now, 56 years later, VFW members gather annually for a statewide tournament, drawing in hundreds of VFW members around Michigan.

2024 VFW Michigan State Tournament 

This year, the weekend-long tournament will be held April 25-27 at
VFW Post 3055 (1395 W Monroe Rd. St Louis, MI 48880). 
Who Can Play: All VFW members are eligible to participate. The tournament is not open to non-VFW members. If you would like to become a member, see the VFW eligibility requirements, or click join here. For more information, contact VFW Department of Michigan at 517-485-9456, or adjutant@vfwmi.vet
What To Expect: Pool! As well as a weekend of camaraderie, food, prizes and a banquet at the end of the weekend.
Tournament Structure:
  • Thursday - Singles event starts at 9am. The state bracket is 128 singles of players from around the state. The bracket is randomly drawn 3 weeks prior to the tournament.
  • Friday - Doubles event starts at 9am. The state bracket is 64 doubles of players from around the state. The bracket is randomly drawn with the initial 64 set up to ensure shooters from the same district or post to not shoot each other to start the tournament. In the doubles event, the first shooter to break will continue to shoot until missing then the next shooter from the other team will shoot until they miss. Then, the second shooter from the breaking team shoots until they miss and so on until a game winner is declared.
  • Saturday - Team event at 9am. The team consists of no less than 6 shooters and no more than 11 from the same post. Any more than 11 consists of a second team. Any post can have more than one team. In the team event each team puts up a set of doubles to shoot. The doubles shoot the same format as the doubles event.
Clarifying Rules -  In any of the events single, double or team the first player/double or team to win 3 games moves on in the bracket. The final in each event is a race to 4.
Call your ball and pocket, Veterans Last Pocket 8 Ball: First game of any single, double or team match is determined by coin toss by the referee. The winner of the toss breaks, after that the loser of the previous game breaks. 8 ball made on the break is not a win or loss.
Awards - The winners of each event get to take an engraved traveling trophy home with them for the year. Each winner of singles, doubles and the team event will receive a first-place 2024 State Champion award. This plaque or trophy is yours to keep. Second, Third & 4th place for each event also receive awards to keep. 
How To Get Signed Up: The entry fee is $25.00 each for singles. $35.00 per double. $45.00 for a team. Also, each shooter must sell 1 book of 25 raffle tickets. There are District Chairman around the state that will register you. If you do not know your chairman, contact Pool League Director Don Smith at 989-971-3650, or don_cheryl@sbcglobal.net
  • Raffle: 1st prize $500.00, 2nd prize $250.00, 3rd & 4th prize $100.00 each. The raffle tickets and entry fees pay for the costs to put this event on including all Prizes, banquet and equipment.
Questions or More Information: For more information on joining the VFW or entering into our State Tournament please contact me.

VFW of Michigan
State Pool League Director
Donald G. Smith

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