2023 - 2024 Homeless Veteran Program 
Director: Barbara J. Locke
Our program goal is to obtain and distribute information on the number of homeless Veterans in the State of Michigan.  Where are they and what services are available to them?  When complete we will have compiled a booklet for all Dist. to distribute to their Post.

To do this we will rely on available information from public and VA sources as well as information received from Posts on local resources not found in public forums.
I will be available to Districts and Posts when you host a homeless program. I will host an information table at each State Conference and Convention to share current information that has been compiled. We will be partnering with other Department Programs such as Mental Health, VMS and the Service Office to gather information and make referrals for assistance to identified homeless veterans. We will be in contact with the Chaplains at each level, and Department Staff for local referrals and support. 
Please report your activities to support the homeless or local homeless programs as Community Service activity reports through the Department online reporting system.  If you have a special project please contact me directly.
We encourage Posts to make donations to the Department Homeless Veteran Fund.  This fund is used to assist program sponsors throughout the state and assist individual homeless veterans when possible.  This assistance is only possible with your assistance.  Your donations may be credit card through the Department online donation option and earmarked for the Homeless Veteran Program, or your may donate by check sent to Department and earmarked for the Homeless Veteran Program.  Your Donations will be recorded on the Department donation report.
Email :  barbara.locke@frontier.com
Home:   (231) 873-4460
Cell:      (231) 301-1502
Following is a list of currently scheduled Homeless Veteran Standdowns sponsored by VA with local organizations.  Your participation with these programs qualify for All State Program credit when properly reported.

Currently Scheduled Homeless Veteran Standdowns

September 7, 2023     Grand Rapids, MI   

Amanda Briggs | (616) 249-5300, x39201


Samantha Butcher | (616) 249-5300, x39201


September 15, 2023   Kalamazoo, MI        

Tiyanna Payne | (269) 967-2714


Suzanne Reynolds | (269) 579-1316


September 22, 2023   Benton Harbor, MI  

Sean Stallworth | (269) 832-4001


Dwayne Kelly | (269) 832-2854


September 27, 2023   Muskegon, MI          

Lisa Mathis | (269) 268-0173


Jasmine Young | (269) 861-0913


October 6, 2023         Centreville, MI         

Maria Williams | (269) 425-0993


Jordan Brinker | (269) 223-0913


October 12, 2023       Allegan, MI  

John Koch | (616) 249-5300, x39201


Amanda Briggs | (616) 249-5300, x39201


October 13, 2023       Decatur, MI  

Alicia Prentler | (269) 873-2189


Ronald Henson | (269) 268-0337


October 17-18, 2023  Warren, MI  

Wayne Finner | (248) 657-2884


Norm "Gunny" Wilcox |(248) 808-0929


October 20, 2023       Battle Creek, MI      

Suzanne Reynolds | (269) 579-1316


Sean Stallworth | (269) 832-4001


October 27, 2023       East Lansing, MI     

Michael Witt | (269) 873-2226


Tyler Langoni | (269) 873-2243