These organizations are resources outside traditional VFW programs that assist veterans and their families in multiple ways.

Veteran Wellness
Heroes to Hives
Heroes to Hives is a 9-month beginning beekeeping education course designed to train Service Members through a free online training program that is coupled with on-ground training opportunities (in select States) and to develop a community of support with other veterans. Since 2015, Heroes to Hives has trained over 8,200 Service Members and their dependents from all over the world. Registration is open from November 2023-2024, learn more sign up here!
Also, read about the program's impact in Michigan from WILX News 10.
Vet Life
Vet Life provides veterans with a network of sustainable solutions and resources to improve the quality of civilian life. They host multiple free events for veteran families as well as provide valuable veteran specific resources.

Stronger Warrior Foundation
The Stronger Warrior Foundation has multiple grants available for disabled veterans needing assistance with home or vehicle adaptability. The Michigan-based organization is awarding grants up to $6,000 depending on the need. If you or someone you know could benefit from this grant, applications are found here!
For more information, email zac@strongerwarriorfoundation.org
Disabled Veterans National Foundation
DVNF provides critically needed support to disabled and at-risk veterans who leave the military wounded—physically or psychologically—after defending our safety and freedom. They provide resources for mental health, homelessness, employment and other programs.
Wounded Warrior Project
The Wounded Warrior Project provides programs in mental healthcareer counseling, and long-term rehabilitative care, along with our advocacy efforts, we improve the lives of millions of warriors and their families.
Veteran Recreation
Foxhole is a nonprofit organization with a mission to assist veterans in their return to society through martial arts. They are here to support vets through any challenge they may encounter by training together and providing programs to encourage community involvement. There is a mutual trust and military-style friendship that is built when this group takes on challenges together.
 Oscar Mike Foundation
The Oscar Mike Foundation (OMF) is a nonprofit with a mission to get injured veterans back on the move with adaptive sports. Each summer, OMF hosts clinics to give veterans with various disabilities a safe and affordable place to try a variety of sports.
 Veteran Mental Health and Homelessness
Volunteers of America
Volunteers of America is one of the nation’s largest, established comprehensive human services organizations with 16,000 mission-driven professionals, dedicated to helping those in need rebuild their lives and reach their full potential. This organization provides mental health, family and community programs. They also are a resource for those experiencing homelessness and provide disability assistance.
Service Dogs
Veteran Service Dog
Veteran Service Dog is a 100% volunteer organization that connects dogs with veterans in need of a service animal. After this connection is made, they provide training for both the service dog and the veteran in proper handling and continued training. This program is entirely free to veterans.

Blue Star Service Dogs
Blue Star Service Dogs is a program centered on pairing and training the veteran and their service dogs over time to increase the working bond between veteran and dog. It also is a unique model that increases sustainability of a service dog as a  functional tool to decrease or eliminate symptoms from their disability.


Commander's Corner

Commander Kimberly Napoleon


It is my honor to be elected by you to lead the VFW Department of Michigan this coming year. I also find myself in the position of the first woman commander for our Department, and the significance of this milestone for our 104-year-old organization is not lost on me. I am dedicated to serve you proudly as we go forward together, showing the veterans of Michigan that the VFW reflects the entirety of our diverse military and veteran community.

This year, we will work under the theme of "One Team, One Mission." In my years involved in the VFW, I have witnessed your relentless dedication to serving Michigan's veterans and families. I am inspired by you and want to take the momentum of the membership to unify further with our Auxiliary counterparts to make lasting impacts on the lives of our military and family community.


I look forward to furthering our mission of service with you and thank you for trusting me to lead you. Together we will meet the needs of our veterans, and change lives physically, legislatively, and any other place we are called on for service.

Kimberly Napoleon, State Commander, VFW Department of Michigan