A Total of 239,058 Veterans, Military members and their families were supported through our VMS Programs during November 2023

The VFW offers a wide range of assistance programs aimed at helping service members and veterans of every generation. As a veteran, you understand better than most what struggles and hurdles today's service members and veterans face. Whether you're a VFW liaison, chairman or you just want to understand the different types of assistance the VFW provides, the resources and forms here help ensure your Post has the most up-to-date program information. You're always there to help support military families before, during and after deployment and these resources are here to support you!

All donations to support VMS MUST be made directly to National VFW through the National VFW webpage,, through OMS under the All American Dashboard Donation entry tool.  A minimum donation of $25 is required for entry, a minimum donation of $100 is required to meet the All American eligibility criteria.  The $100 minimum donation does not need to be made all at one time and credit will be given when the donation total meets that amount.  If for any reason you cannot make your donation through the OMS All American Dashboard please contact Department Headquarters for assistance. 

For All State Program purposes Posts will receive five (5) All State points for each $25 donated to VMS (maximum $100 donation). Posts will also receive ten (10).  This must be reported to the VMS Director.

The Deadline for Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship application for Fall2024 higher education application is January,2024 for fall 2024 admission. E5 and below with a Honorable discharge are eligible to apply for a $5,000 grant each semester. Apply here:

Veterans & Military Support Recognition Program This recognition recognizes Posts/Auxiliaries/Districts and MOC fo support of the programs under the Veterans and Military Support program umbrella which include MAP, Virtual Pins, Unmet Needs and VFW Sport Clips Help A Hero Scholarship.  Dates of donations May 1st through April 30 2024

Recognition Levels: Certificate of appreciation donations $100-$1,499

Bronze Certificate-$1500-$2999 Silver Certificate donations $3000-$5999

Gold Certificate Donations $6000 above

Department Recognition Levels

Certificate of Appreciation donations of $1000-14,999

Bronze Certificate donations of 15,000-29,999

Silver Certificate of donations of 30,000-59,999

Gold Certificate donations of $60,000 and above

Recognition Levels for Department include all donations received from the state to include VFW/Auxiliaries, MOC, District, Department, Individual, churches, schools, organizations and corporate.

Adopt A Unit - It is imperative that we support those defending our freedom. If your Post is interested in Adopting a Unit contact me and we will work with you. If you're not longer working with a Unit I need to scrub from National's list. Several Posts have adopted a military unit and I would like to recognize you for your valiant efforts. If you have adopted an active duty unit, please contact me immediately.  That way I can provide your Post with assistance.  Remember it's very important to document everything you do.  Your reports to me from your Post help me with my job reporting to National.

UNMET NEEDS Changes- As of 9/23 UNMET Needs in Only able to assist active -duty service members and their families to include activated Guard/Reserves The financial hardship be a direct result of a current deployment/military pay error not at the fault of the he service member/pending medical discharge due to military related injuries/illnesses received while on active duty. Grant limit has also increased to $2500. The VFW Assistance/Financial Grant webpage has been updated along with the link bks to the UNMET Needs Eligibility Criteria PDF and Frequently Asked Questions FAQ) PDF

VMS Lapel Pins  This is a Department decision rather to invest in the purchase from National which then will be delivered at National Convention.

VMS Donations for All -American

Donations to the VMS program can Only be done by going to the link "VMS Donation" at the upper right hand corner of the screen. Your $100 or More donations meets the eligibility for All American criteria  PLEASE Do NOT Use the Red/White donation link in the upper right hand corner of the Veterans and Military Support Program Chair Tools. This Link goes directly to the General Donation Page and Will Not be Credited as a VMS Donation 

Lega y Citation of Merit Commemorate and Memorialize Our Service Members Killed In Action

Military Working/War Dog Citation to recognize their service,bravery and devotion to their fellow Troops See your Department Chair for the links.

The VMS Monthly Report by your Chairman is due to National by 15th of each month Please Tell Me Great Things your Posts are doing in your communities so I can tell the world letting other VMS Dept Chairs know how Mighty Michigan truly is

If you have any questions, contact 
VMS Director Doug Brinker M.A  CPSS
2547 N Diane St
Jackson, MI 49201