The Department 2024-2025 VMS and Veteran Mental Health & Welfare Program is a merged program of these two program components which have many similar goals and impact.
The primary goal of both programs is to raise awareness of the issues relating to the need for Mental Health treatment resources, awareness of programs that educate veterans, families and the public on suicide prevention and to provide resources to serve veterans and their families in times of crisis.
Please read the program carefully and ask questions of the Directors on how you and your Post can support veterans in these areas of concern. Additional resources are continually added to this page. Come back again for more!

2024-2025 VMS and Mental Health & Welfare Program


Helpful Materials: 

VFW Mental Wellness Brochure

VFW National VMS Recognition Program

VFW VMS Department Chairman Responsibilities Guide


VFW Adopt-a-Unit How to Guide

VFW Adopt-a-Unit Program Ideas

VFW Adopt-a-Unit FAQ


Unmet Needs Program:

VFW Unmet Needs Program Supported by Burger King

VFW Unmet Needs Assistance Eligibility Criteria

VFW Unmet Needs Program FAQ


Partner Programs and Scholarships:

VFW Sports Clips Help A Hero Scholarship FAQ

VFW Student Veterans of America Program Support Guide



Douglas Brinker, Co-Director                                    Daren Humes, Co-Director

2547 N Diane St                                                          2382 Alpine Dr 

Jackson, MI  49201                                                     Saginaw,  MI 48601

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