VFW Michigan Marketing

These materials are for VFW Michigan districts, posts and membership to use in promotion of VFW Department of Michigan.  
VFW Michigan Pamphlets/Brochures:
Single Page Pamphlet
This pamphlet is a one page summary of who we are as the VFW Department of Michigan, with a QR code for membership sign ups. This can be displayed at tabling events or at your post. Dimensions can be printed in 8.5"x11" or any relative dimension smaller.
Quad-fold Membership Brochure Version 1
Quad-fold Membership Brochure Version 2
Posts and Districts can order these quad-folds through local print companies. These quad-folds include a trifold summary of the VFW Department of Michigan, with a tear- away membership application to use at their local tabling/marketing events. Dimensions of these brochures are 8.5"x14"

Official Logos
Does your Post need an official VFW logo tailored to you? VFW National has a standard logo template to unify our brand and make it recognizable to the public nationwide. If you need a logo, contact the Department Adjutant to get a digital copy at or 517-485-9456.
For the Official VFW National Brand Guidelines, refer to the VFW Styleguide here.

Social Media Guidebook: Do you need some help with your Post or District Facebook page? Read the latest guidance from the Department Social Media team in this guidebook.
Quick Advertisements - Digital and Print
Color Version
Black and White
These advertisements can be submitted to digital OR print event ad books for sponsorship, print for table display or digital social media ads. Black and white version is available in case print sponsorships do not print in color.

Retractable Floor Banner
This retractable banner can be ordered through Department of by a local vendor. A pdf and png version of this banner is provided here should a vendor need a specific file-type. Dimensions of this banner are roughly 33.25" x 79.5" with room for print bleeds. 

VFW Camp Trotter for Children
Visit our website here.
Press Kit

This is a list of resources for post and district media engagement. Along with VFW Michigan content, national has provided some up-to-date information on the background of the VFW, its mission and projects. 
This is a list of resources available when engaging with local media about general VFW information. Here, you will find VFW Fact Sheets, historical content as well as legislative breakdowns. When your post or district engages a journalist, it is good to have some materials on hand should they want to dive deeper into what the VFW is about.
VFW Michigan Headquarters
924 N Washington Ave.
Lansing, MI 48906
Barry Walter, Adjutant / Quartermaster



Statewide News

News & Info from your department

Gary Brown named VFW Michigan Member of the Year

Past Department Commander Ray Lopez presented Gary Brown with the VFW Department of Michigan Member of the Year Award at the organization's annual State Convention June 1, 2024.

VFW Michigan Riders Group shares Motorcycle Safety Tips

In preparation for riding season, VFW Michigan Riders Group Director Charlie Cline shares some tips on safety while operating a motorcycle this summer.

National News

Important info from National VFW

VFW National Commander Denounces Political Violence

WASHINGTON - "The democracy that we hold dear, the very democracy generations of American veterans have fought for and died to pro...

VFW Celebrates the 248th Birthday of America

WASHINGTON - On July 4, 248 years ago, the Second Continental Congress officially adopted the Declaration of Independence, but it ...

Commander's Corner

Commander Kimberly Napoleon


It is my honor to be elected by you to lead the VFW Department of Michigan this coming year. I also find myself in the position of the first woman commander for our Department, and the significance of this milestone for our 104-year-old organization is not lost on me. I am dedicated to serve you proudly as we go forward together, showing the veterans of Michigan that the VFW reflects the entirety of our diverse military and veteran community.

This year, we will work under the theme of "One Team, One Mission." In my years involved in the VFW, I have witnessed your relentless dedication to serving Michigan's veterans and families. I am inspired by you and want to take the momentum of the membership to unify further with our Auxiliary counterparts to make lasting impacts on the lives of our military and family community.


I look forward to furthering our mission of service with you and thank you for trusting me to lead you. Together we will meet the needs of our veterans, and change lives physically, legislatively, and any other place we are called on for service.

Kimberly Napoleon, State Commander, VFW Department of Michigan