Jennifer L. Smith
State Chaplain - Army


Fellow Comrades:
Welcome to the Veterans of Foreign Wars Dept. of Michigan Website. Most of you already know my bona fides. My goal remains to serve others as I can, offering spiritual assistance, ethical inspiration, and comfort as needed. My Department email address is above ( but you can also contact me via my private one at; I check it often.

We also have a VFW Dept. of MI State Chaplain's Facebook page for members:  The page relates to Department Officers and is (hopefully) uplifting for all. Let's make 2020-21 another period that inspires and touches lives with care and renews our patriotic purpose.

UPDATE for Spiritual Coronavirus Resources:  Hope each of you is staying safe and well. We know that adversities pass and that our own responses are the things we can best control. Please continue to reach out to each other remotely and strive to stay vigilant, kind, and positive.

The current Military Chaplains Association (MCA) newsletter conveyed the below website for chaplains of diverse faith groups. Please take a look, even if not a chaplain, for resources that may be applicable.


Blessings and Thanks,
Chaplain Smith+