0 Lansing vfwmi.org Yes
345 Redford www.vfwpost345.org Yes
423 Ann Arbor vfw423.org No
552 MI 1125 Fort St No
582 Ortonville vfw582.org No
671 Dewitt vfw671.org No
827 Kalamazoo vfw827.org Yes
1008 Waterford vfw1008.org Yes
1071 Coleman vfw1071.org No
1136 MI 633 Ford Ave No
1146 St Clair Shores vfw1146brucepost.org Yes
1452 Clio vfw1452.org No
1518 Gaylord vfw1518.org No
1519 vfw1519.org No
1527 Kalamazoo vfw1527.org Yes
1669 Royal Oak vfw1669.org No
1888 MI 2763 Veterans Parkway No
2144 Holland vfw2144.org/default.asp Yes
2496 Alpena vfw2496.org No
2645 Southfield www.vfw2645.org Yes
3195 Norton Shores vfw3195.org Yes
3673 Bessemer vfw3673.org Yes
3674 Iron Moutain vfw3674.org No
3701 Lakeview facebook.com/vfw3701 Yes
3901 Algonac vfw3901.org Yes
3941 Livonia vfw3941.org Yes
4005 Corunna vfw4005.org Yes
4012 Northville www.vfw4012.org Yes
4063 Perry vfw4063.org No
4073 Marshall vfw4073.org Yes
4090 Portland vfw4090.org Yes
4093 Carleton vfw4093.org Yes
4249 Newaygo www.vfw4249.org No
4659 Shelby Township vfw4659.org No
5587 Holly vfw5587.org Yes
5600 Ontonagon vfw5600.org No
5738 Clare vfw5738.org Yes
6250 Sterling Heights vfw6250.org No
6691 Fraser https://vfw6691.org Yes
6695 Plymouth vfw6695.org Yes
6756 Warren vfw6756.org No
6782 Eastpointe vfw6782.org No
6802 Richmond vfw6802.org Yes
7309 Mason vfw7309.org Yes
7435 Hale vfw7435.org No
7573 New Baltimore vfw7573.org Yes
9021 Warren www.vfw9021.org Yes
9283 Southgate vfw9283.org Yes
9568 Romulus www.romulusvfw9568.com Yes
9914 Highland Vfwpost9914Highlandmi.com Yes


4 www.vfwmidist4.org
9 vfwmidist9.org


Arizona vfwaz.com
Arkansas vfwar.org
California www.vfwca.org
Colorado www.vfwcolodept.org
Connecticut www.vfwct.org
Delaware www.vfwde.com
Florida vfwfl.org
Georgia www.vfwga.com
Hawaii www.vfwhawaii.org
Idaho www.vfwid.org
Illinois www.vfwil.org
Indiana www.vfwin.org
Iowa www.vfwiowa.org
Kansas vfwks.org
Kentucky www.vfwky.org
Maine mainevfw.org
Maryland vfwmd.org
Massachusetts www.vfwma.org
Michigan www.vfwmi.org
Minnesota www.vfwmn.org
Mississippi vfwms.drivepath.info
Missouri www.vfwmo.org
Montana www.vfwmt.org
Nebraska www.vfwne.com
New Hampshire vfwwebcom.org/NewHampshire
New Jersey www.vfwnj.org
New Mexico www.vfwnm.org
New York vfwny.com
North Carolina www.vfwnc.com
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NV www.vfwnv.com
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Tennessee www.vfwtn.org
Texas www.texasvfw.org
Utah https://vfwut.org
Vermont www.vfwvt.org
Virginia www.vfwva.org
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West Virginia pegbarker-ivil.tripod.com/vfwstateofwestvir
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